Confronting Fear

No one likes to be faced with fear. Here are some tools to get you through it.

As uncomfortable as it is to deal with fear, the tough reality of life is that there will be times where fear consumes you. In this article, we hope that it will supply you with the tools you need for the next time fear comes knocking at your door.


One way to handle fear is to take a time out. Take a moment to really assess your situation and see what it is that makes you fearful about your current circumstances. Is it fear of failure? Or maybe it is fear of success? It could be even, the fear of other peoples expectations of you. Regardless of what the fear is, the larger clarity you have on the situation, the more prepared you’re going to be to work through it. Therefore, take a time out and get centered so that you can be strongly aware of what thoughts consume you leading to the fear that you are being confronted with.


Consider the evidence that you have that is supporting your fearful thoughts. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that most people fear things that never even come true. Could that be possible with whatever fearful thoughts you’re having? For instance, just because you have an appointment where you have to speak to your boss, what evidence do you have that this meeting is going to result in you getting fired? It’s best to look at all of the evidence before us when facing fear, instead of just a one-sided version that will put us in a bad place.


Imagine the worst thing that could possibly happen. I know that we generally encourage you to think positively, but for the sake of this argument, what would it be like if the worst thing happened? What is one thing you could do to handle yourself, in the event that the worst thing did happen. Then, ask yourself would this even matter tomorrow? A week from now? A year from now?


Consider guided imagery. That is a pre-developed script that you have in your head of a place that makes you happy. I’ve often envisioned myself on a beach in one of many of the Caribbean islands. These thoughts take me away from whatever it is that is overwhelming me at the moment, while keeping centered and calm through the fearful experiences.


Being fearful is no walk in the park. After all, it’s usually an indication that we are not in control of our life and our circumstances and we are being faced with things that make us feel uncomfortable. But working through fear can be some of the best interpersonal growth that a person can ever go through. If you or someone you care about needs help working through a fearful situation, help is available.


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