10 Natural Remedies to Handle Depression

Everyone experiences sadness from one time or another, but would you know what to look for if you or a loved one experienced clinical depression. Here are some clues and tips that might help you know if you are just sad, or if there are clinical causes for concern.

As members of the black community, we have had to endure intense levels of heartache and pain. Despite our resiliency, free black people has been one of the most inhumane experiences known to mankind. And while mainstream society may wish to live life as if these horrific experiences never occurred, for most people in Black America, that’s impossible. Most of us know, that the aftermath of the horrific experience of slavery has held long-standing implications for the way in which we exist in America today. From high incarceration rates of black men, female-headed black homes, poverty, and lower education rates within the black community,
these are but a few of the long-standing results of institution of slavery.


Because of the intense emotional toll that we have endured from centuries ago, today, of us overlook the implications of depression. We often hold on two belief systems that get difficult for us 2 understand depression, let alone acknowledge it. Because of our history, resiliency that was required to live through it, many of us have become desensitized to recognizing heartache and pain. Many of us just think it’s normal to experience sadness and discomfort, and even when we recognize that it is hindering us, we don’t know what options are available for us to challenge it.


By avoiding problems that we face on a regular basis, it prevents us from living our best life. So here are some things to look for if you might be struggling with depression:
~general discontent
~loss of interest or pleasure in activities
~mood swings
~excessive crying
~social isolation
~early awakening
~excess sleepiness
~restless sleep
~excessive hunger
~loss of appetite
~lack of concentration
~slowness in activity
~thoughts of suicide
~weight gain or weight loss
~poor appetite
~repeatedly going over thoughts


While anyone can experience any of the given aforementioned symptoms at any given time, if you’re experiencing at least three of these concurrently, there may be cause for concern. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or hurting someone else, you should contact 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room.


For other concerns; here are 10 natural remedies that you can use to manage depression.


For additional support with handling feelings of depression,


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