How to meet your New Year’s Resolution goals in 2020

NOTHING like setting a goal and failing. These tips will make failure less likely for the New Year. Wishing you much success!

A few weeks ago we discussed How to Set Family Goals for the New Year. But after these goals are set, a plan for meeting the goals is equally as important.

Here are a few ways that you can meet your New Year’s resolution goals in 2020.


Write them down. Research shows that you are 91% more likely to complete a goal if you write it down first. I recommend using a simple notebook and pencil or even jotting it down electronically via your phone. In writing down your goals, you should consider both what could help you execute your goals and barriers that could interfere. Elaborate on both sides and be sure to include the time that you wish to start and complete your goals. If you really want to test your creativity, just creating a family vision board as well.


Be persistent. Most people do not get it right the first time and success is often achieved after failure. Keep trying to succeed with your goals by doing things until you find the right outcome. Then, keep doing it. One study found that you must do something 22 times before it becomes a habit. Therefore, keep trying to achieve your goals until you find the right strategy.


Hire a coach or therapist. No matter how driven you are, it is important to know that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can get there by doing it alone, but you can get there quicker by following others who have done what you are trying to do. Hiring a therapist provide can provide you with useful, evidence based practices that can be useful with helping you and your family meet their goals. Hiring a coach significantly enhances your chances of success and will save a lot of time and energy by providing you with a blueprint based off of research and experience.

Setting goals is awesome, if you don’t know how to implement them, setting the goals are pointless. I hope that these few tips we’re helpful. For additional support,


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