How to Get Your Fight Back

Fighting life’s battles is complicating. Here are some tips to help.

Most of us would like to avoid fighting at all costs. After all, it involves us somehow tapping into an area where there is resistance and that requires extra energy from us. It would be so much easier if life was linear and things came easily to us, without ever having to fight for a thing. But unfortunately, life is not designed that way. There will be moments in life, that will put your endurance and patience to a test. Examples of this could be, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or trying to deal with the aftermath of abuse dynamics in a relationship. Whatever fights you find yourself in in life, there’s always ways to work through them, no matter how desperate you feel at the time. Here are a few of examples of how to get your fight back.


Remind yourself that you can get on the other side of your challenges. Rest assured, that whatever it is that you’re facing at this time, that is causing disappointment in your life, will pass. As long as you have breath in your lungs, your life will continue to grow and develop and you will get on the other side of your struggles. The more positive of an outlook that you can have during life‘s biggest challenges, the better off things will be for you in the long run.


One thing that will help you to keep a positive mindset, is to remember the challenges that you have overcome in the past. By remembering things that you have overcome in the past, you are constantly being presented with reality that your situation is temporary, no matter how frustrating it may seem at the time. One way that you can remember your previous victories, is to keep a journal. By keeping a journal, you can document how you’re feeling at the moment and then as you face difficulties in life, you can go back and look at the journal and see how you’ve been able to get through previous challenges.


No matter what happens in life, you have to remember that you can never give up. It’s OK to  want to give up, but it’s not OK to give up. You have to trust and believe that success is on the other side of failure. If you give up, however, you’re not going to get an opportunity to actually see the success that you could obtain. Sherrilyn Kenyon once said Life isn’t finding shelter in the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. It’s when we face life’s challenges, that we have to learn how to work through them even harder. You can only get on the other side of your disappointments, when you consistently work to do so.


One thing that can help you through this is to look at your situation through an objective point of view. A lot of time we personalize the challenges that we go through in life. But if we are mindful that everyone goes through challenges, we could more easily position ourselves to understand that the challenges that we are going through arr temporary, just like everyone else is. By not personalizing such challenges, we are understanding that our challenges are part of life and not a part of us. By keeping things into perspective, it gives us a clearer understanding of what the next steps are and how to proceed with life.


By gaining this clarity, we are able to be get through the next steps by our spirit. The answers to our problems, are not external; they’re almost always internal. That’s why it’s necessary to be spiritually led to get from one step to the next. Ways that you can increase your spiritual clarity include doing things like praying, journaling, and/or meditating. By intentionally getting in tune with yourself as much as possible, you become more aware of your internal abilities to handle life’s challenges and are better equipped to get through them.


Fighting life‘s battles is frustrating. While getting on the other side of these battles typically make us stronger, the journey to the other side can be overwhelming. If you’re facing a battle right now and you need some assistance, helpers available today.

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