Body Scan Meditation

Meditation has many benefits. Some of these benefits are included here, along with a script to assist you towards your meditative goals.

Meditation, or a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts, is an often underutilized technique that can bring harmony to a person’s life.

Yet it has many benefits, some of which include:

  • Reduces stress


  • Reduces anxiety


  • Reduces depression


  • Encourages emotional health


  • Enhances self awareness


  • Helps generate kindness


  • Fights addictive behavior


  • Increases the lifespan


  • Reduces memory loss


  • Enhances creativity


And best of all, meditation can be implemented in just 5 – 10 minutes per day.


If you are new to meditating, and would like to try it out:

Here is a scripted Guided Meditation that could spearhead you into a meditating experience.



Sit on a chair, or lie on your back on the floor with legs uncrossed.


Put your arms in a comfortable position by your side, on your abdomen, or (if sitting) put them on your thighs palms up.


Open your eyes partially to let light in.


If you are lying on the floor, put a cushion under your knees if need be.


Imagine your breath flowing to each part of your body as your attention gently moves up your body.


Adopt a mind of curiosity and interest as you focus on each part of your body.


Focus on your breathing. Notice how the air moves in and out of your body.


  • Take several deep breaths until you begin to feel comfortable and relaxed.


  • Notice the sensations in that part of your body while remaining aware of your breathing.


  • Imagine each breath flowing to your toes.


  • Looking with curiosity, ask, “What am I feeling in this part of my body?”


  • Focus on your left toes for several minutes.


  • Then move your focus to the arch and heel of your left foot, and hold it there for a minute or two while continuing to pay attention to your breathing.


  • Notice the sensations on your skin of warmth or coldness; notice the weight of your foot on the floor.


  • Imagine your breath flowing to the arch and heel of your left foot.


  • Ask, “What are the feelings in the arch and heel of my left foot?”


  • Follow the same procedure as you move to your left ankle, calf, knee, upper legs, and thigh.


  • Repeat with the right leg, starting with your toes.


  • Then move through your pelvis, and lower back, and around to your stomach.


  • Focus on the rising and falling of your belly as your breath goes in and out.


  • Then go on your chest; left hand, arm, and shoulder; right hand, arm, and shoulder; neck, chin, tongue, mouth, lips, and lower face; and nose.


  • Notice your breath as it comes in and out of your nostrils.


  • Then focus on your upper cheeks, eyes, forehead, and scalp.


  • Finally, focus on the very top of your hair.


  • Then let go of your body altogether.


Don’t worry if you notice that thoughts, sounds, or other sensations come into awareness. Just notice them and then gently refocus your mind. Don’t worry if your mind has been drawn away from the object of your attention and you find yourself thinking about something else (it nearly always happens). Just calmly, gently, turn your mind back to the part of the body you’ve reached. You may need to bring your attention back over and over. You are not alone in this. It is this bringing of your attention back over and over and over, without judgment or harshness, that is the essential element of the meditation.


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