Self Care after the Loss of a Loved One

No matter how desperate you may feel after the loss of a loved one, there’s hope. Let us support you through the process.

Sadly, with the COVID -19 pandemic, most of us have either loved someone who lost their life to it, or care about someone who has loved someone who lost their life to COVID – 19.


It’s painfully sad.


Here are some techniques and strategies that you might want to refer to to help you deal with anxiety during this difficult time.


Here are other tips to help you deal directly with the loss of a loved one.


Prioritize Your Physical Health
It’s easy to neglect your own needs while grieving. But it’s not good, AND truth be told, the person that you’re grieving about would want you to care for yourself anyway. We encourage you to seek a primary care visit with your doctor to see how your health is hanging going on while working through this grief process. If there are things that you have been neglecting or didn’t know about, now is the time to address them.


Make Time to Grieve
It’s instinctive to try to stay busy when feeling uncomfortable. After all, the negative feelings can keep us stuck in a cycle of unhappiness. But avoiding grief can also lead to long-term dissatisfaction with life. When this happens, grief can attack you at the most difficult time making it even harder to deal with the uncertainty. You can make time grieving by meditating about the thoughts that you have while taking a shower, driving in your car, or laying in your bed before you go to sleep. We encourage you to think of positive things related to the grief but feel the negative feelings as they arise as well. If feelings overwhelm you, writing them down can be a great way of releasing the pressure and tension that you experience inside.

Ask for Help While Grieving
People often fail to help people when they’re grieving because they don’t know what to do. The truth is, the only thing that really helps grief go away is time. But that doesn’t mean that the people around you don’t want to help you through the process. Don’t be ashamed to ask a loved one to help you with the kids for an evening or to make dinner for you while you try to wrap your head around the loss of your loved one. When people really care for you, they wouldn’t hesitate to offer their services to make your life a little bit less complex during this difficult time.

If you are experiencing the grief of a loved one, you have our sincerest condolences.

Grief is so complicated. For assistance with getting through the process,



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