Elizabeth Hill, M.A., MFT

I work with disenfranchised populations remotely in the state of California

Everyone can benefit from therapy regardless of age, ethnicity and/or sexual/gender identity. I have worked in the mental health/psychology field since 2000 and am passionate about helping individuals, families and couples achieve more connection, wellness, awareness and insight. I have concentrated training/experience providing treatment to disenfranchised/marginalized groups (BIPOC/LGBTQIA+), couples, families, inmates, parolees, people with sexual compulsions/addictions and people struggling with racial trauma. I provide direct, yet compassionate feedback of a solution-oriented nature to help clients achieve treatment goals.

I focus on family of origin/early attachments to help clients recognize patterns of relationship dysfunction in adulthood. Individual therapy techniques include DBT, CBT and healthy relationship skill building. Skill building includes assertiveness training, conflict-resolution, overcoming chronic people pleasing and setting healthy boundaries with others.

Most of us were raised by caretakers who did not teach us the skills we needed to have healthy relationships. Therapy will focus on setting boundaries, assertiveness, conflict resolution and recognizing unhealthy relationship patterns. We will also examine intergenerational trauma and messages internalized about skin color/shade, hair texture and body type.

San Diego CA US
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