Rochelle Marecheau

Helping BIPOC connect more deeply to themselves and others

Life as you know it has changed. You were barely holding on before and now you’re struggling to adjust to life’s new normal. Anxiety and/or depression may not be new to you, but dealing with medical and racial pandemics simultaneously just feels like too much. All of your regular coping skills and self-care tools just don’t seem to be doing the job and you are looking for relief.

I have been helping others just like you throughout the last six months adapt to this world’s new normal while dealing with the ‘stuff’ that predates COVID-19. Over the last couple of years, I have found my calling in helping those who look like me overcome things and occupy spaces they never thought they could.

Not sure if therapy is for you? Send me an email! Let’s schedule a free phone consultation where I can answer any questions you may have and share a little more about how I help facilitate emotional wellness.

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