How Ride or Die is Your Partner?

Nothing is worst than falling for someone, only to learn that they don’t feel the same way about you. Here are 3 tips to help clarify how “ride or die” your partner is for you.

We’ve all been there.

We have loved someone, who didn’t quite feel the same way about us.

Or sometimes, they do feel a similar way, but don’t know how to show us.

Either way, the discovery of this disconnect disk can be a very painful process.

Here are a few signs that you can look for to determine whether or not your partner is truly ” ride or die” for you.

Your partner invites you to meet other important people in their lives, like their parents or child.  This shows that your partner is a “ ride or die”  because they care enough to orient you with other people in their lives who are “ride or die.” By placing you within a category of people with whom they are already committed to, they are essentially inviting you to “join the crowd.”

Your partner uses words like “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me” when they make plans for the future.  For instance, your partner is “ride or die” if they project their retirement future by saying  something like “ When I  retire, I want us to relocate on the beach.“ By including you in their future goals, they are mentally planning large decisions for their life, with you included.

Your partner is not afraid to apologize first. Saying “I’m sorry” is hard to do, because it requires your partner to admit that they are wrong, an experience that comes at their own expense by making them vulnerable .  But if your partner is truly “ ride or die,”  they will be willing to apologize, because they care more about their relationship with you, than they do about protecting their own self image and ego.

Discovering that your partner is not ride or die can be truly painful. Another pain could include not knowing how your partner feels about you at all, which can interfere with intimacy. Either way, we have amazing therapists who can help you sort these thoughts out for yourself. If you are interested in divulging further,


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