Is there a Magic Potion/Formula for Love?

There may not be a magic potion for love, but there are some certain things that can be done to either add to the magic or take away from the Magic in your relationships. Read on for more.

With relationships being such an important part of the quality of a person’s life, people spend tons of money and energy trying to figure out whether or not there are magic recipes for making relationships work and/or trying to find true love.

And whether you believe in magic or not, there are some sure things that you can do to either add to the magic of a relationship or take away from it.

Here are a few strategies to add to the magic below:

  • The magic of a relationship can be described as a magnetic like attraction. Just like magnets, the two people connect in a way that they are easily drawn together and a force of resistance exists in any effort to separate the two. Just like you cannot force magnets together, neither can you force true lovers together. Instead, the two people are drawn to one another in a way that is larger than normal life.
  • The magic of a relationship is most apparent by way of mutual respect for one another. When two people hold the ultimate respect for one another, their individual needs naturally become less important as the person remains more interested in the needs of the other person.

Here are a few strategies to take away from the magic below:

  • Triangulation takes away from the “magic” of a relationship. Triangulation occurs when a third person is introduced into a relationship (ie. parent, child, friend) usually during conflict. Because the third person is not a permanent figure within the relationship, they are incapable of offering any long-term and meaningful support to the relationship, and typically they bring additional confusion. This often occurs when efforts are made to incorporate the third persons feedback into the relationship dynamics or when the relationship has gotten through the turmoil but the third person continues to stay stuck on the problem that invited them into the relationship. Due to the imbalance that occurs through triangulation, any efforts to include a third person will automatically take away from the “magic” of a relationship.
  • Taking one another for granted also takes away from the “magic” of a relationship. The closer two people get to one another, the easier it is to take them for granted. However, doing so will take away from  the “magic” of a relationship because partners loose interest in doing the very things that they were initially being taken granted for.

There is no magic formula for how to navigate the world of relationships, but there are some specific interactions that can be used to assist or distract from relationships. If you need help sorting some of this out for yourself,


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