Episode #76: Should Couples Masturbate?

Dr. Connie Omari:

How will you stop the mental masturbation? And no, I don’t mean porn; you can keep that if you use it correctly. Mental masturbation is essentially when we get into our heads and we do things, fixate on things, or imagine certain things occurring that are not actually occurring, which in turn keeps us from doing things that we actually can do to make better situations. For us. An example of this is saying, I really wish I had dated Chiquita in high school and taking her very seriously. That way, I wouldn’t have gotten married to Jeanette and been in this miserable marriage today. Instead of recognizing that you need to either work on your marriage with Jeanette or divorce it, you’re focusing on your childhood flame.

That’s mental masturbation until masturbation is bad, because it keeps you from doing what you need to do because you’re focused on something that, at least at the moment, you cannot control. Here’s how to have a system in place: If you find yourself procrastinating, For instance, if you are in debt and you are worried about your debt and you’re thinking, Oh, I shouldn’t have gone to grad school, Oh, I shouldn’t have bought this house, Oh, I shouldn’t have invested in this lawyer the time back, whatever it is, give yourself 30 minutes to fixate on it. That’s it. Then move on to something else, preferably a solution as to what you can do. To resolve that issue. Stop comparing yourself to others. You might see Jane Doe in a happy relationship or something that looks happy on social media, but you don’t necessarily know what she’s going through behind the scenes. Focus on yourself and allow other people to do this.

And you will find yourself a lot happier and not fixated on mental exercise. Find out what you can do right now. Maybe you missed out on your high school fling. And that’s okay. Because at the end of the day, what is for you is for you, and what is for them is for them, focusing on yourself and what your skills and talents are and giving back to the community in any way that you can force the universe to start returning things in your favor. And it’s going to be even better than whatever it is that you missed, even the high school swing. So, tap into yourself to figure out what you’re good at. What can you give right now, in this moment when you’re having these little restoration tendencies that will show you the value in you? What do you have to offer? So, these are just my three tips to stop mental masturbation. I hope they’re helpful. Peace and blessings.