How to Live in a Social and Political Climate that Renders you Invisible

Race related trauma runs rampant through society and so many people have the privilege of ignoring it. Here’s how to exercise self care, when society seems to forget you exist.

With the year 2020 being a huge voting year filled with much political debate between the Democrats and the Republicans, you may be feeling slighted by some of the issues and hand.

With controversial issues surrounding Healthcare, terrorism, same sex marriage,and abortion at stake, blacks are yet again reminded of their blackness and all that comes with it as these issues are openly discussed.


And regardless of where you stand, the fact remains that our current president uses commentary such as “shit holes” to describe people from third world countries, murderers and rapists to refer to our fellow neighboring immigrants, defended the Klu Klux Klan, and brags about grabbing women by the pussies.


All while holding the highest position in the nation.


So how do you take care of yourself, when are you are in the midst of a system that sometimes renders you invisible?


Here are a few tips to help.


Use social media with caution. Freedom of speech means that you may come across opinions that violate you to the central core of your being. When using it, make a connection with causes that will support your beliefs. We largely support the #blacklivesmatter and #MeToo movement, to name a few.


Take control of your own self-care, whether it mean going for a walk, watching a movie, or having lunch with a friend. By being in control of how you feel, regardless of political issues which consistently overlook you, you will be able to take back the control of your life, irrespective of what’s going on around you.


Focus on your win. We, as a society, have a long way to go, but we have made progress. Celebrate the knowledge of the efforts that are being made to make our society more politically correct and seek validation in knowing that your voice is being heard, even if you are not the one speaking the loudest.


Educate yourself. Just because it’s written in a book, doesn’t mean that it’s true. Learn to be able to think critically for yourself, and don’t feel pressure to accept whatever somebody else tells you, especially when you know differently. Also, never underestimate your ability to do something about the society that you live in, especially when you don’t like your surroundings.


Validate yourself. Unfortunately, people will not always say or think the way you want them to. Even when their opinions offend you, they’re entitled to them. It’s sad that people with shallow opinions can become very powerful and essentially have the ability to make decisions for you, but just because someone in power sees you as invisible, does not mean it’s true. Just because people can’t see your worth, doesn’t mean you’re less valuable.


Racial trauma is something that has impacted African Americans for years. Its roots are deep but we are deeper. For support on handling race-related trauma,


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