Why Hanging Around Naysayers Prohibits Your Growth

Haters’ gone hate! This is how to stop them in their tracks.

Let me tell you about the physiological make up of the flea. A flea can jump 36 inches from the ground in a vertical direction. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so easy for dogs to get infested with fleas. They don’t necessarily have to be in close proximity to the flea, to get a lot of fleas on them.


For what it’s worth, no other insect can jump 36 inches high. In fact, humans cannot jump that high either from a standing position. Sure, basketball players do it all the time when they are dunking, but they are moved by the momentum of their speed to help them with the jump. Very few basketball players, can jump vertically (at a 90 degree angle) for a total of 36 inches for a standing position without any force behind them. Records do indicate that Michael Jordan could jump 46 inches, but we all know that he is exceptional and does not represent the norm in any way…


To move on with our story, however, a flea can fit in a jar as where a human cannot. In fact, if you put a flea in a mayonnaise jar and put the lid on it, this will severely limit its ability to jump 36 inches. In fact, if the flea were to jump at the maximum capacity, they would obviously hit the top of their head on the lid. In response to this, the flea will stop jumping so high so that it will only jump high enough that they don’t hit their head on the top of the jar. This will likely be closer to a 6 or 7 inch jump, even though they have the capacity to jump 36 inches.


The problem with this, however, is that when the flea gets out of the mayonnaise jar, he continues to jump 6 to 7 inches, even though he has the capacity to jump 36 and inches, because he’s become conditioned to not meeting his maximum potential. From there, other fleas who weren’t even placed in the mayonnaise jar see this flea only jumping 6 to 7 inches and they do the same. Now the flea, and all their flea friends are only performing at a fraction of the potential with which they are capable of doing, all because 1 flea was placed in a situation where they had a lid based on their capacity for growth.


Moral of the story…. Remove the mayonnaise jar lid from your life. Whether it is people, places, or things that are putting limits on your ability, remove them so that you can achieve your hearts desire and more. They’re not going to do it for you, and it requires you to take leadership and authority of your life if you are going to reach your optimal potential.  Do this, and watch yourself jump 36 vertical inches and more…


Separating ourselves from people places, and things, is easier said than done. If you need assistance on this, help is available.

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